Our Mission
To take the gospel of Jesus Christ to every soul that will hear; to establish families in the love of God and restore godly values in the home; to bring restoration to those who are bound or down trodden; and to offer compassion to the hurting and needy in our community.

Our Vision
We want to see God do a marvelous work in Parma, Ohio. By being a beacon of light in a world full of darkness, The Branch longs to bring lost souls to the restorative power of Jesus Christ. Most of all, we want to see Jesus Christ high and lifted up.

Our Purpose
Through His teaching, Jesus clearly defined the purpose of His church.  In 'The Great Commandment’ (Mark 12:30-31) we are ordered to love God above all, and to love others as ourselves. In ‘The Great Commission’ Jesus charges us to preach the gospel, baptize new disciples, connect them into God’s family, and teach them to observe the law of Christ. Above all else, we endeavor to connect people to Jesus Christ and point them to His purpose for their lives.